Students at Jacksonville College gave out the annual “favorites” awards during the Spring Banquet on Friday, held at Central Baptist Church.

Winners were:

Mr. JBC — Tommy Rose

Miss JBC — Kadi Russell

Most Beautiful — Katie Smith

Most Handsome — David Petravicius

Cutest — Krystal King and Morgan Hagler

Most Likely to Succeed — Tiffani Stuart and Morgan Hagler

Best All Around — Kadi Russell and Giancarlo Cortez

Friendliest — Bethany Millican and Jacob Shulenberger

Best Dressed — Rebekah Brown and Cory Smith

Most Athletic — Ieshia Randall and Mori Turpin

Most Humorous — Tiffani Stuart and Aaron Heath

Most Gullible — Sarah Thompson and Giancarlo Cortez

Most School Spirit — Sarah Howland and Nick Rice

Most Talented — Bethany Millican and Matt Virgel

Best Eyes — Carla Jackson and David Petravicius

Best Hair — Victoria Gray and Clint Chasteen

Best Smile — Ashley Watkins and John Flores

Most Bashful — Katy Monk and Joshua Simpson

Best Personality — Valerie Sanford-Markham and Aaron Heath

Wittiest — Ashten Ferguson and Michael Johnson

Most Studious — Krystal King and Takemi Nakamura

Biggest Flirt — Lawren Comer and Justin Batton

Most Courteous — Allisha Fastenow and Arthur Zulu

Most Photogenic — Kimberly Brown and Cory Smith

Sophomore Favorites — Leah Melton and Daniel Toole

Freshmen Favorites — Valerie Sanford-Markham and Christopher Wood

The student-selected Teacher of the Year Award was presented to Jacksonville College science teacher Dr. Katherine Manning-Pinotti of Mt. Selman.

“It’s such an honor. It was a complete surprise,” she said.

Manning-Pinotti has been with JBC for three years, where she teaches sciencce, micro-anatomy, zoology and biology.

“I try to make science interesting,” Manning-Pinotti said. “We use a lot of humor and a lot of hard work. My students work hard.”

One student favorite at the end of the semester is Manning-Pinotti’s “Fear Factor” lesson on the nervous system, which tests the sense of taste of her students.

Runners up named Friday night for each of the “favorites” categories were:

Mr. JBC — Morgan Hagler

Miss JBC — Kenne Russell

Most Beautiful — Kenne Russell

Most Handsome — Matt Virgel

Cutest — Ashley Watkins and Nick Rice

Most Likely to Succeed — Miranda Whitehead and Wes McMillan

Best All Around — Theressa McNeel and Cory Smith

Friendliest — Kadi Russell and Mikey Ainsworth

Best Dressed — Lawren Comer and Daniel Toole

Most Athletic — Mary Lawson and Marcus Anderson

Most Humorous — Leah Melton and Michael Johnson

Most Gullible — Emilee Johnston and David Petravicius

Most School Spirit — Naomi Brooks and Matt Virgel

Most Talented — Krystal King and John Flores

Best Eyes — Lawren Comer and Aaron Heath

Best Hair — Cristal Bell and Tommy Rose

Best Smile — Alejandra Liduena and Nick Rice

Most Bashful — Rebekah Morgan and Takemi Nakamura

Best Personality — Maria Torres and Daniel Toole

Wittiest — Jasmine Whisenant and Josh Ross

Most Studious — Melissa Decker and Nick Guerrero

Biggest Flirt — Jessica Crain and Mikey Ainsworth

Most Courteous — Markie Scroggins and Mark Stephens

Most Photogenic — Carla Jackson and Christopher Wood

Sophomore Favorites — Heather Heath and Mikey Ainsworth

Freshmen Favorites — Ashley Watkins and Juan DeLion

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