RUSK — For Rusk native Josh Bobbitt, martial arts has been in his blood since he was born.

He’s been fighting since he was nine years old and started with Wu-Shu Kung Fu instructor Dale Stinson, according to Josh’s wife, Sherry.

Now, since receiving his rank in the American Federation of Jujitsu as a first-degree black belt and beginning his fighting career, he will face a worthy opponent.

“This is a big challenge for me — I’ve trained as hard I can to fight the champ — Blake ‘Trouble’ Franklin,” Josh said. “I owe my success to God and Dale Stinson.”

Bobbitt said he will give the match his all.

“I will fight 100 percent. Win or lose, it does not matter because I have Jesus,” he said.

Bobbitt trained at various martial arts schools. In 2004, he received his black belt in Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu, at the age of 24.

He also taught martial arts, mainly Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu, until he began his fighting career. His first fight was Aug. 13, 2005.

“His mother put him in (classes), and he was attached and loved it ever since,” Sherry said. “Josh went to various schools, and he found Dale again. He has been training for this fight with Dale, since February of this year,” she said.

Josh also taught martial arts for approximately two years, according to Sherry.

“He partnered with Daniel Unger of Palestine and started the school together, until Daniel left for the Army, and Josh wanted to focus more on his fighting career,” she said. “At the same time, Josh challenged himself to be a better fighter.”

Skylet, the couple’s daughter, has also learned a thing or two. At just eight years old, she has won a “Overall Best Female” title in Houston, Sherry said.

Sherry, who’s been married to Josh for eight years, knew he enjoyed martial arts when they met, and she enjoys it, too.

“I enjoy watching the fights. It’s stressful — the time the fighter has to put into it, away from their family. Most of the time, they devote that time to training, but it’s all worth it. It all pans out in the end,” she said.

Josh will take on “Trouble” tomorrow at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in Louisiana.

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