Technology is a wonderful thing — I don’t care what anyone says.

Usually, I make jokes about technology — many people have heard me say, “You know, they say technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but I don’t know about that.”

Well, I had an usual experience with technology as the holidays began. An old school buddy of mine looked me up on the Internet — sorta.

I registered on several years ago, just to see who else was on the site and to see if anyone would get in touch with me. It was fun to take a walk down Amnesia Lane that day, remembering times I had with the people behind the names on the site.

No one ever e-mailed me, though. I wasn’t surprised by that. That’s just how that area where I grew up was. You either stayed there forever, or you moved away and people more or less forgot about you.

I had no problem being in the latter of those categories.

Then, back in August, I received an e-mail from “You have important ClassMates e-mail.”

I ignored it. After being on the site for about three years with no response, I didn’t think it was anything other than an advertisement.

Just before Christmas, though, I received a reminder about the e-mail — basically, one of those, “You have 10 days to read your mail or it will be erased” things.

I clicked the link which took me to the site and brought up the e-mail from someone whose name I didn’t recognize.

The e-mail, though, was from the sister of a girl I went to elementary school with. Mandy and I were nearly inseperable during those years. She and I would hold each other’s hands on the balance beams in P.E., and we would share snacks in our lunchkits and sit next to each other in school programs if we could.

As we got older, we drifted apart, as people do. In junior high, we would see each other now and then, stopping in the halls to talk. In high school, I never saw her. To be honest, I don’t even know if she attended the same high school I did.

Then, while in Wal-mart one day when I was in college, I saw Mandy and her daughter — a daughter named Lauren.

We chatted for a few minutes, then went our seperate ways again.

Sally, Mandy’s sister, said she wanted to e-mail me because every time she and Mandy talked about their time in Nederland, Mandy always mentioned me fondly.

I’ve since written to Mandy and responded to Sally.

Mandy lives in England now, according to Sally. I haven’t heard from Mandy yet, though. I plan to try sending a second e-mail this week.

I’ve been on eBay and bought and sold things. I’ve learned a lot through the Internet. I even met my ex-husband on the Internet (much to my chagrin).

Now, I’ve refound an old friendship on the Web. What an amazing world.

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