Roland's Next Door hosts its second concert in a three-show series this weekend, featuring the talents of local musicians.

Plain Folks, an 8-piece band of home grown pickers, fiddlers, singers and songwriters, take the stage at 7 p.m. Saturday.

The Plain Folks consist of Roland Brown, Randy Gorham, Sue Terry-Schultz, Sam Smith, and Loren, Jerri, Abby and Lindi Lykins.

A hodgepodge of an legal professionals, teachers, students and a chiropractor, the members of the band are almost as diverse in background as the music they play.

“Everybody is irreplaceable,” said Roland Brown, who plays guitar in the group.

From Roger Miller, Bob Dylan to Gordon Lightfoot and Dan Fogelberg and more, the Plain Folks don't limit themselves to any one genre or period.

The eclectic sound is as much a result of how the members interact with each other as of their musical backgrounds.

Plain Folks began in 1991 when Brown contacted Gorham, wanting to play. The pair went in together to buy a stand up bass, Gorham's specialty in the group, and Plain Folks was born. Piece by piece, other members joined until the current line-up came together.

As they played and practiced together, Brown said they developed friendships that, at times, make actually practicing difficult because of the joking and ribbing.   

That light-heartedness comes through in their shows, Brown said, with humorous songs and jokes filling the spaces between tunes.

“We have fun,” Brown said. “If we're having fun, the audience is having fun and that's what has kept the group together— that’s really been the key.” Roland’s Next Door is behind the Roland Brown Law Office at 102 S. Ragsdale St. in Jacksonville. The venue requests a $10 donation, but stresses that anyone is welcome, even if they can't donate. Snacks and cold drinks are available.

Roland's Next Door is a smoke and alcohol free, family environment. Contact Brown's office at 903-586-7501 for more information. 

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