If a pipeline runs through the middle of the 33 acres of land purchased by Jacksonville Independent School District in 2000, might this present a problem?

This is a question raised recently regarding the district’s land purchase, and JISD Superintendent Stuart Bird addresses it.

The pipeline is said to be 1,000 feet long and run from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church to the sewer plant located on Canada Street.

“We knew it was there when the land was purchased, and we ran our own test to find out how deep the pipeline is,” Bird said. “It is deep enough that it does not pose a problem. It could present an issue in the future, if we are going to do any construction. But there are no plans for construction on that piece of land.”

The property currently contains tennis courts, a softball field and a soccer practice field, Bird said.

Former JISD Board Member Pat McCown, who spoke to the council on behalf of the 2000 land purchase Feb. 20, said buildings had been built on the land.

According to Bird, the piece of property was originally considered as a possible location to “put buildings on,” but those plans are no longer in the works.

“It is very much possible to build on that property, there just are no plans to build at this time,” Bird said. “We don’t have any money to build with.”

Bird said if necessary, the pipeline can be lowered, altered or moved if a need arises in the future, however, he does not see an immediate need.

Members of the Citizens for Lower Taxes said the pipeline may easily become a problem in the future, and that having the pipeline removed would cost a lot of money.

Bird said there is also a pipeline running beneath the property where the JISD administration building sits, and it also presents no problem.

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