GALLATIN — Keeping memories alive for the alumni of the former Gallatin Independent School District was the main reason behind the community starting a partnership with East Texas Bricks of Tyler.

According to Gallatin Mayor Juanita Cotton, she and Gallatin resident Linda Derrington have been selling bricks to be engraved and put down at the community center, which was the former Gallatin school house.

“We started to have it just for the alumni for the Gallatin school,” Cotton said, “and then that grew. It’s really neat. We had 93 orders.”

Cotton said they started taking orders in the middle of last year. The orders — and idea — got so popular, they missed the original cut off date.

Derrington first thought of the idea for engraved bricks when she noticed the bricks in Rusk’s downtown area, Cotton said.

Most of the engraved bricks have been delivered, including the fillers to lay down the bricks at the community center, but Cotton said they are waiting for some corrected bricks to come back.

“We plan to have all of them down before April — before the Gopher Fest,” she said. “We’ll probably get more orders.

“It’s really turned out to be more involved than what we expected. We have people waiting for us to start ordering again. We can order again, and just take out the blank bricks and put the engraved ones in.”

Cotton said she, Derrington and the council members will start taking a second round of orders after the Gopher Fest, which will be held April 8-9.

Costs vary by lines. One engraved line costs $35, two are $40, and three lines cost $45.

Citizens in the community who would like to place an order can contact Cotton at 903-683-5957, or Derrington at 903-589-3030.

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