The Bullard Education Foundation recently visited all six Bullard ISD campuses to award more than $58,000 to fund innovative teaching grants.

Each year, teachers across the district apply for grants to help them initiate fun and innovative programs not covered in the regular operating budget. This year's grants include virtual reality projects, floral design programs, classroom learning materials and STEM materials, among others.

Grant recipients, listed by campus, were:


• Jennifer Carlile – Swivl


• Stu Dildine, Jamie Dildine, Diana Russell, Jacy Brown, Stephen Hindman and John Hardin – The Dapper Pelt & Co for leather-working

• Meagan Harris and Andrew McCorkiindale – On Fire for Learning, cooking on grills

• Jamie Dildine and Stephen Hindman – The Prickly Pear Petites, floral arrangements

• Stephen Hindman – Bee’s Knees Sunflower & Pollinator Research Garden

• Jamie Dildiine, two individual grants – commercial grade flower cutting equipment and a veterinary science program

• Amy Bickerstaff – virtual reality assisted architectural planning


• Jodie Albritton – drone project planning and coding instructions

• Vanessa Dockter – blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes

• Amanda Enright – relaxation station

• Diana Russell – aeroponics unit

• Jacy Brown and Diana Russell – student run egg laying business

• Lawren Phillips, Andy Gee and Christopher Cook – kits for exploring various career paths

• Karey Moore and Amanda Stork – 3-D models for exploring the natural world

• Britney Wylie and Senoya Driskell – outdoor learning environment


• Kenya Johnson, Lisa Langston and Ashleigh Harrison – scientific and engineering practices related to Earth science

• Jennifer Whitehead – learning math concepts through concrete and pictorial representations

• Nick Kinzman, Marissa Ledkins and Elijah Coppock – pedometers


• Jennifer Tyler – light table and manipulatives

• Lindsey Durant – ninja warrior course


• Emily Smith and Jennifer Acker – math and movement

• Merritt Stewart – Rugs Alive and Seats to Thrive

• Terri Brown, Donna Burnley, Melissa Crowell, Beth Gardner, Merritt Stewart and Lindsay Wheeler – Playaway Wonderbooks

• Melissa Crowell, Kathryn Ford, Chelsea Perrin, Alice Rhodes and Melody Self – The Osmo Genious Starter Kit Learning Stations


• Heather Seib, C’aaron Stephens, Christy Taylor, Melissa Roberts and Megan Henley – Campus Tyler Fourth Grade Experience

• Heather Seib, Melissa Roberts, C’aaron Stephens, Christy Taylor and Megan Henley – STEAM centers

• Amie Dean and Andi Quesenberry – Helping Students Find Their Words

• Emily Smith and Lisa Seaton – Mice, Mice Baby (a Chromebook mouse for each student)

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