Progress staff reports

The Census Bureau is looking for Cherokee County workers to help count every person in the U.S. in the 2010 Census.

Operations have already begun in hopes of recruiting hundreds of workers in the area to ensure a complete and accurate count in 2010.

Many applicants will become a vital part in taking the Census as enumerators who will go door to door interviewing families who have not sent in their Census paperwork during a period of six to eight weeks beginning in May.

According to the Bureau, these temporary, part-time jobs offer good pay, flexible hours up to 40 hours a week, weekly paychecks, and the chance to work near home.

Before becoming an enumerator, an applicant must take a 30-minute test with 28 questions over basic skills such as reading, math, following instructions, and map reading and pass a background check.

The 2010 Census will affect the apportionment of congressional seats, how much of the $300 billion in federal assistance the federal government will provide to the state, and how many future schools, hospitals, and highways should be built for the state’s growing population.

To schedule a test or learn more about the 2010 Census, call the job line at 866-861-2010 or go online to

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