The Clothes Closet will move soon to a more well-equipped location, better suited to handle the needs of the non-profit organization that they are, said Executive Director Mickey Gear.

“Last year I almost closed the Clothes Closet down during winter time because the insulation in our current building is not up to par,” Gear said. “We do not have heat.

“Thankfully, this year when the cold comes, we will be ready.”

According to Gear, prior to the purchase of their new facility, at 314. S. Main st., they had always intended to buy a new place — they rented their location on  Rusk Street.

“We plan on opening the doors in early August 2010 if all goes well with the few renovations that are still needing to be done,” she said.

Gear said in order to open on time and within budget there is a $10,000 need that must be met by the donations they receive.

“The new building will have 4,032 square feet, which is almost double the floor space of our current location,” she said. “Everyone who has found out about our move seems to be very pleased, yet our financial need is still lacking.”

With great timing and enough for a down payment, the Clothes Closet purchased the building, which will be so much better for the staff, according to Gear.

“Well, first of all, the roof in our new building does not leak, the electric connections are all safe, and there is a handicap-accessible rest room, unlike the building we are in right now,” she said.

According to Gear, the new building, built in the 1940s, is just what the Clothes Closet has needed.

“When I got the phone call letting me know that we had the building, all of us in the room ... well, we all cried,” she said. “It was such a relief to know that we had a place where we could work and help the community.”

Gear credits the success of the Clothes Closet to the long term volunteers that work the countless hours it takes to make an operation like the Clothes Closet run.

In order to open the entire new building by the expected first week of August, Gear along with the entire staff at the clothes closet urge community members to help the Clothes Closet reach their goal.

For more information or to learn about other ways to help, call 903-586-0204.

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