County commissioners will discuss assisting the city of Rusk and Rusk State Hospital with gun range construction on hospital property  at 10 a.m. Monday.

The range is slotted for Farm-to-Market Road 768.

Bids will be taken on new pickup trucks for the county sheriff’s department, and a public hearing will be held before a vote on setting the speed limit to 25 miles per hour on CR 4217. In addition, a similar vote will take place for a 40 mile-per-hour limit on CR 3605 with a public hearing on March 8.

Also on the lengthy list of items to be approved are an assignment of lease between Barry Bomer and the Klein Family Trust and consideration to accept a donation from the Jacksonville’s and Rusk’s respective economic development corporations for an airport courtesy car.

JEDCO President Darrell Prcin said this partnered donation will put $25,000 from each group toward the airport.

“The vehicle will have co-advertising on it,” Prcin said. “We get a lot of manufacturers, owners and business people coming to do business and we thought this would be a worthwhile venture.”

Prospects for alcohol sales in Jacksonville will appear before the commissioners’ court as well. The city of Jacksonville petition, filed with the voter registrar, will show up alongside the order to call a special election for the legal sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption only and the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only within Jacksonville.

Approval of a contract for election services for the May 8 General Election between the city of Rusk and Cherokee County will be up for approval.

Commissioners will decide whether to purchase seal coat equipment for one or more precincts as well as consider bids for a new pickup for Pct. 3. In addition, they will consider approval for the county to certify the dollar amount on a county employee for buy back retirement.

A discussion will be held regarding the Cherokee County Sub Division Regulations pertaining to commercial property in platted residential areas.

An animal control ordinance for the county could be adopted.

Commissioners may also approve a request to implement a county driveway permit requirement for development of a commercial or residential driveway on a county road.

Software, equipment and training for an inventory system that allows the use of bar codes to track inventory may be purchased. An agreement with Area Health Education Center for training of community health workers could be approved as well.

The tax office in Jacksonville may see some changes in the future. Commissioners will vote on whether to remodel the new tax office at 302 W. Commerce and may withdraw a previous bid to accept an alternate bid for a new roof at the office.

This meeting will be in the Cherokee County Courtroom and is open to the public.

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