Cherokee County’s top priorities for conservation work are forest lands, grazing lands and crop lands, said District Conservationist Reggie McCollum.

The priorities were discussed during a public meeting held by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Cherokee Soil and Water Conservation District last week.

“They set the priorities for resource concerns, for land use and funding concerns,” McCollum said.

Forest and grazing land use will each be given 40 percent of funds, while crop land was given 20 percent.

In addition, McCollum said applications competing for land use will compete against similar applications.

“Grazing land will compete against grazing land,” he said.

Some of the county’s conservation needs were also discussed. McCollum said these include tree planting, reforestation and establishing superior grass types.

Anyone wanting more information on the United States Department of Agriculture and its programs can contact the Natural Resources Conservation Service office at 903-683-4669, ext. 3.

For information about Texas NRCS conservation technical assistance and programs, visit www.tx.nrcs.usda.gov.

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