RUSK — The Cherokee County Commissioners Court issued an order restricting outdoor burning during their regularly scheduled meeting Monday — extending the emergency burn ban placed Dec. 27

This permanent burn ban, unlike an emergency burn ban which lasts for only seven days and can be reinstated in an unlimited series, will last for 90 days, officials said.

“I don’t see relief in sight,” said County Judge Chris Davis about rainless days the county has seen for the past several weeks.

The ban comes after Davis declared the county a disaster area last month, on Dec. 27.

Also on the agenda, the commissioners heard from a concerned citizen who brought a noise ordinance petition with 93 signatures to Pct. 3 Commissioner Moody Glass on Wednesday.

Harold Dillingham, who also is president of H.D. Industries, Inc. in Jacksonville, stated that loud music coming from a privately owned club near CR 3221 is disturbing him and others.

“We can’t sleep,” Dillingham said. “We can hear the music over a mile away.”

Dillingham said he talked about this with the owner and would like the business to put in acoustics to muffle the sound, but the commissioners may not be able to do anything about it.

“We’re going to have to check with legal council — I don’t think we can target a specific business,” Glass explained in the meeting. “If we were to do something, it would have to be a general noise ordinance.”

Glass said the court would discuss this further with Texas Association of Counties to see what other counties are doing about similar situations, and the item will be brought up again in a future meeting.

In other business, the commissioners:

• gave Pct. 2 Commissioner Kevin Pierce permission to clear off trees and cut ditches back on CR 2915;

• approved precincts to sell used equipment;

• approved purchase of a new caterpillar motor grader with guaranteed buy back provision for the precincts;

• approved a contract between the county and CIRA, which hosts and designs Cherokee County’s Web site, to comply with the new House and Senate bills to post all public meetings on the Web site;

• approved the Chad Griffin Subdivision plat only, with the agreement that it cannot be filed until tax receipts are shown;

• approved the Melisa D. Majors subdivision plat only;

• approved the Ray T. Meador and Mary A. Meador subdivision only;

• approved Peggy Cornelius, secretary and IT coordinator, to attend the 2006 Courts and Local Government Technology Conference on Jan. 30-Feb. 2 in Austin; and

• approved Charlotte Dixon and Gayla Needham in Child Support to attend TXCSES Web training for child support on Jan. 12 in Tyler.

The court passed on approving the racial profile report from the sheriff’s department because the meeting ran long, and it will be moved to the next commissioners court meeting.

The court also went into executive session to seek advice on legal matters, but no action was taken.

In the court’s open forum, Pierce mentioned he would like to see the court assist the rural area fire departments in some way, to which Glass said he expresses appreciativeness to all the volunteer fire departments.

“I want to say thank you to the volunteer fire departments,” Glass said. “They’ve gone above and beyond their duty.”

Cherokee County Commissioners Court regularly meets at 10 a.m. each second and fourth Monday of the month at the county courthouse in Rusk. Each meeting is open to the public and does include time for citizen comment.

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