As the season of gifts and giving comes into full swing, the stores and shops are packed with people scurrying to make sure that all the kids are taken care of before the Christmas day deadline.

Groceries are being stocked in anticipation of the glorious meals and necessary snacks for grazing through the holiday.

Hymns are playing on radios and CD players, reminding us of peace on earth and goodwill.

However, in our community, some children will rely on the graciousness of strangers for their Christmas surprises and festive meals.

“We have several families on our list, single parent families, who are desperate for help this season; Mom’s who just want to make sure their kids wake up to a real Christmas morning,” said Alicia Rincon of the Crisis Center.

“The result of family violence on children is incredibly troubling at this holiday. Many times family violence victims have responsibility for their children, but have little or no income. Many have not been “allowed” to work due to a controlling partner. Some may be living in our safehouse,” said Ms Rincon. “The kids should not pay a price for this unfortunate situation.”

The Crisis Center is hoping the community steps in and brings Christmas home for these children.

“We need gifts for boys and girls of all ages, basically,” said Ms Rincon. “We are hopeful that churches or groups might sponsor a child’s list.”

To help make Christmas happen for a child, or for more information, call the Crisis Center at 903-586-9118.

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