Carl Phillips, former director of the Cherokee County Supervision and Corrections Department, was sentenced to 10 years deferred adjudication community supervision for theft and 10 years confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division for misapplication by a fiduciary Thursday.

The alleged theft and misapplication of property by Phillips took place between January 1999 and June 2009.

His actions came to light after his June 2009 retirement, when an employee of his former office alerted his successor to the theft.

Phillips was accused of using a state-issued credit card for personal expenses totaling more than $20,000 but less than $100,000.

Credit card charges made by Phillips included food, oil, gasoline, tires, household utilities, dental services, cell phone services, musical instruments, lodging, concert tickets, sporting event tickets and other services, according to the indictment.

Phillips then shredded, secreted or otherwise destroyed credit card receipts, according to the December 2009 indictment.

Phillips had been employed by Cherokee County for about 35 years

Phillips will file a motion for “shock probation” after serving 60 days in TDCJ, according to a statement from the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office.

The sentencing was part of a plea agreement between Phillips and the State  of Texas, in which the Court approved.


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