By Kelly Young

RUSK – The Rusk Police Department made eight arrests the afternoon of Tuesday, July 17 for disorderly conduct when a verbal altercation between neighbors turned into a brawl. The incident occurred in the 800 block of Lincoln Street at approximately 3 p.m.

“We had responded to the area a number of times because we had had several families having verbal arguments in the street. We told them several times to calm down and to try to work things out,” said Assistant Police Chief Roy Cavazoz. “When we made the arrests, we hadn’t been dispatched to the scene. We just happened to turn onto the street, and there was about 60 people in the middle of the road and two girls were fighting.”

Cavazoz said the fight escalated as officers were attempting to take the two females into custody.

“While we were trying to cuff the girls, about four or five guys started getting into it. We arrested as many people involved in the fight as we could,” he said.

Arrested at the scene were Tangie Overstreet, 24; Lawonda Session, 22; Leshawn Sessions, 20; Nickey Cook, 20; Jeremy Shedd, 20; Deshawn Session, 19; Malcolm Session, 17; and April Shedd, 17. Each was charged a $238 fine for their part in the incident. Jeremy Shedd, who has previous offenses on his record, was assessed a $563 fine.

The following arrests were made by the Rusk Police Department from July 4 to July 17.

• Gregory P. Davenport, failure to identify as a fugitive, no driver’s license, unsecured safety belt and forgery, July 4.

• Janet R. Alexander, endangering a child, July 6.

• Roberto R. Esperza, public intoxication and open alcohol container, July 8.

• Miquel A. Esperza, no driver’s license and no insurance, July 8.

• Roberto A. Esperza, failure to identify and minor in consumption of alcohol, July 8.

• Faustino M. Martinez, public intoxication and open alcohol container, July 8.

• R. B. Overstreet, parole violation, July 11.

• Michael Kim, driving while intoxicated with a child and open alcohol container, July 12.

• Charles A. Nelson, adult probation warrant, July 13.

• James R. Byers, parole violation, July 13.

• Jordan B. Akin, possession of marijuana and possession of a dangerous drug, July 13.

• Loretta L. Aguirre, expired driver’s license and Anderson County warrant, July 16.

• David B. Hill, driving while intoxicated, July 16.

• Tangie Overstreet, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• Lawonda L. Session, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• Leshawn Sessions, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• Deshawn Session, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• Malcolm L. Session, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• April Shedd, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• Nickey R. Cook, disorderly conduct, July 17.

• Jeremy J. Shedd, disorderly conduct, July 17.


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