McFarland is employed at Bullard Independent School District. He and his wife, the former Tonya Smith, have been together for 12 years, and two of their eight children, Dessie and J.W., currently attend elementary school in the school district.

Do you believe the JISD board asked for too large of a bond in the last bond election? Why or why not?

The bond in the last bond election, from my stand-point, was too large. The average taxpayer was not willing or could not pay the tax increase generated by this bond. I believe that the bond requested should have been split into two or three separate bond requests with the initial bond being, at most, half of the requested amount. The remaining amount could have been introduced as another phase at a later date, several years down the road.

What are your feelings about implementing a form of standardized dress within the district?

Standardized dress within the district is a good idea. With my travel throughout the country while in the military, I was able to observe many districts that had gone to a standardized dress code. Standardized dress took the stress off of the students on what to wear and not having to stay up with the latest trends. It took the stress off of the parents and saved them money, not having to purchase clothes to stay up with the latest trends. And lastly, it took the stress off of the administrators and teachers, not having to worry about gang affiliations and inappropriate attire.

Do you believe proper and enough measures are being taken from a discipline standpoint? Why or why not?

I am not aware of the measures being taken, so I don’t feel like I can answer this question at this time.

Do you feel the recent findings of inappropriate materials being shown in the classroom were handled appropriately? Why or why not?

I believe that these were handled appropriately. I, personally, reviewed the clip from the Internet, and I spoke with a gentleman that had seen the movie that was shown. I do not know what educational benefit the teachers felt these items reflected, but as a father of five daughters and three sons, I would not allow this type of media to be seen by my children at home and definitely would not want it to be shown to them in a school environment.

What is your opinion of the 2000 land purchase of 33 acres, of which the Texas Education Agency recently completed an investigation? Did the district pay too much, or was the land worth the price?

This purchase was negotiated more than six years ago and completed more than a year ago. I cannot intelligently comment on this issue because I was not on the Board of Trustees at that time and do not know the board’s reasoning behind this purchase. TEA investigated this purchase and did not find any legal issues relevant to this land purchase. This happened in the past and hopefully the Board of Trustees did and the future board will learn from any mistakes that may have been made.

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