A 36-year-old man who led Cherokee County authorities on a rabid, five-hour chase last Friday simply decided to … stop fleeing and go home.

Home – the man's FM 747 South residence, to be exact – was exactly where Cherokee County  Sheriff's deputies first confronted Richard Ryan Cook Friday before he fled. Home was also where they captured Cook Tuesday afternoon.

At first glance, “giving up” didn't seem to fit the M.O. of Cook, who a scanner aficionado contends “outfoxed” authorities with motorcycle antics during the chase.

Exactly why Cook decided to return to a residence surely monitored by authorities – if he was trying to give himself up or if he just wasn't thinking straight – was not addressed in the Tuesday news release announcing announcing his capture.

Authorities originally tried to serve a pardon and parole warrant on Cook Friday. But in the process of trying to escape, Cook is alleged to have assaulted a deputy as he fled on a motorcycle.

However, when dep-uties and investigators converged Tuesday on Cook's residence, he didn't give them any kind of fight.

“The arrest was without incident,” the report said.

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