Jeb Hensarling speaks to the gathered crowd on the U. S. economy.

Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) visited Jacksonville’s Norman Activity Center Wednesday afternoon to speak to a crowd on the nation’s economy.

Chairs were in short supply, and some chose to lean against a wall toward the back of the room as Hensarling discussed the economic issues facing East Texans.

Among those in attendence were Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell and Jacksonville Mayor Dr. Robert Haberle.

“I think we are having a spending crisis in Washington that impacts not only jobs in Jacksonville but jobs across the nation as well,” Hensarling said.

Hensarling, who studied economics at Texas A&M, advocated an economic growth act which would prevent scheduled mid-income tax increases, make business tax rates competitive, create more American jobs, lower capital gains tax rates and allow immediate expensing for small businesses.

“You’re like me and believe you ought to work hard today so your children can have a better, more propserous tomorrow,” he said.

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