Jacksonville’s first organized Hispanic group has named itself PLAN, an acronym for Pueblo Latino Apoyando a los Nuestos, which translates as “people helping and encouraging their own.”

PLAN’s main objective is to encourage the Hispanic population to participate in the society their children are growing up in by learning the language, getting informed about important issues, and promoting legal citizenship to be able to have a more proactive role in Western society.

PLAN wants to represent with dignity the hard working people of East Texas working with positive goals and representing the good heart of the Hispanic population.

PLAN is looking forward to working together with local organizations to benefit the local economy, health and education. PLAN is currently putting together a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

For more information, please call Jesse Gobea Jr. at 903-657-2506 or Esmeralda Haddad at 903-721-0718.

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