The Fightin’ Indian Marching Band performs at a recent home football game at the Tomato Bowl.

The JHS Band competed in the UIL Region Marching Contest on Saturday. According to JISD Band director Mike Bullock, there were a lot of things going against the band’s chances to perform well.

First, a marathon game Friday night kept them up until 2:30 a.m.

Additionally, the band had among its ranks sore varsity football players, hurt tennis players, several sick students, and a first trumpet player on crutches.

Also, Jacksonville was the last band of the day to compete, so the judges were able to compare their performance with every other 1A, 2A, and 4A band.

 In spite of the less than ideal circumstances, the band’s performance earned 1st division ratings from all judges.

This is Jacksonville Fightin Indian Band’s 8th consecutive first division marching award, and the 40th in the history of the school.

 “Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging us to excellence. We appreciate you.”said Bullock, “Here’s to JHS students, a school of champions.”

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