By Kelly Young

Assisting a Drug Enforcement Administration task force, the Jacksonville Police Department arrested a Jacksonville man Friday, June 29, and charged him with the manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.

Officers contacted Stuart Hendricks, 28, after DEA officials provided them with information describing his vehicle. He was located as he was pulling out of a residence in the 100 block of Bonita Street.

“Upon questioning him, Officer Eric Dawes obtained probable cause to search the vehicle. The search revealed some drug paraphernalia and a couple bags of methamphetamine,” said JPD Detective Daniel Franklin. “Hendricks has a pretty extensive prior history with the police department here.”

According to Franklin, the amount of meth found in the car — 127 grams — indicates that the stash was not solely for personal use. On the street, one ounce of meth will sell for approximately $100.

“He has been arraigned and his bond was set at $100,000. The charge depends on the amount of drugs involved — Hendricks was charged with a first-class felony, which has a penalty range of five to 99 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine,” Franklin said.

On Thursday, JPD arrested a man for allegedly following his estranged wife. Larry Staples was taken into custody and charged with stalking, a third-degree felony.

“The spouse reported the incident to the police department. She alleges that he has been witnessed following her to various locations around the city limits. The two have been separated for about two months,” said JPD Detective Jason Price. “He did not threaten her, but the law states that the mere act of following her, if it causes her to fear for the personal safety of herself and her children, is an arrestable offense. The spouse did not advise police of any physical altercations between the two.”

Staples made a statement denying any wrongdoing. If found guilty of the charge, he could be sentenced to between two and 10 years in prison. According to Price, he has no significant previous criminal history.

The victim has filed for a protective order against Staples.

Officers are also investigating the burglary of a vehicle in the 1200 block of Mary Jane Street, June 30, in which a CD player and several audio speakers were removed from the vehicle. The approximately value of the stolen equipment is not known at this time.Jacksonville Police Department, in connection with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, were able to recover 1,012 cans of beer and numerous bottles of liquor,” Franklin said.

Gregoria Vazquez, 35, and Rodolpho Vazguez, 34, were arrested for bootlegging at 110 Hall Ave. Both were in the country illegally.

“Gregoria was deported three months ago when her 15-year-old son was arrested during a gang fight, apparently she decided to come back,” Franklin said. “Her husband, Rodolpho, was also arrested six months ago for bootlegging.”

Manuel Sotello, 53, was arrested at 610 Bolton St. Two men were arrested during the execution of the search warrant at 824 Alabama Ave.; Philiberto Flores, 24, and Isidro Rodriguez, 47.

Rodriguez was the only U.S. citizen caught in Friday’s raids. Immigration holds have been placed on the other four bootleggers.

According to Franklin, quite a bit of bootlegging takes place in Jacksonville, but most of the business comes from only a few venders.

• JPD responded to a domestic disturbance in the 100 block of Bonita St. Friday night, which resulted in the arrest of a man for assault and possession of drugs. According to Franklin, officers were called to the residence at approximately 11:45 p.m.

“The altercation was between a female and her boyfriend. The boyfriend, Stuart Hendricks, arrived home and engaged in a verbal argument with the victim regarding his whereabouts for the night,” Franklin said. “The argument became physical, and the subject threw her to the ground, got on top of her and started to wrestle her. During the fight, the victim received a wound to the left cheek and the left eye.”

Once able to get up, the victim used her cell phone to contact JPD. She gave a description of the suspect, and while in route to the scene, officers located him walking along the road a few blocks from the residence.

“While being arrested, a search revealed that he was in possession of methamphetamines. He was taken into custody for assault/family violence and possession of a controlled substance. He has been arraigned, and his bond was set at $2,000 on the assault charge and $5,000 for pcs,” Franklin said.

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