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SAN DIEGO – Jacksonville native Mark Allen announces the worldwide DVD release of his first production Delirium March 5 through veteran genre distributor York Entertainment.

Allen, who production studio is titled Forsaken Films, is the son of Ed Allen and Dale J. McCorkle, both of Jacksonville.

The release, which is going straight to DVD, will be an unrated director’s cut. The DVD will also include extras such as theatrical trailers, a blooper reel and a director’s commentary. The title will also be available via video on demand, pay cable and Internet download.

Allen says Delirium is a tale of madness, vengeance and redemption. Six college kids are lost in the desert when their car breaks down.As the sun sets, they decide to walk out. But as the night wears on, they are brutally murdered one by one. A mysterious figure lurks in the shadows. Who is killing them, and why? Who will survive the night, and who will fall to the killer’s sadistic blade?

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have Delirium picked up by York Entertainment,” Allen said this week. “York has been around for 17 years – that’s a long time in this industry – and releases between 30-50 pictures a year. So they obviously know what they’re doing.

“I have also been impressed with the respect and professionalism with which we have been treated. York is truly a distributor who seeks out and nurtures new and emerging talent.”

Allen and his partner Fiona Finlayson started out as screenwriters. They formed Forsaken Films to finance and produce their scripts. Allen wrote, produced, directed and edited Delirium.

“I take a very hands on approach to my craft,” he says. “Being retired military, I’m something of a control freak, and I definitely bring that military work ethic and intensity to my filmmaking.”

Delirium will be available at all video rental locations and through various retail outlets across the country. It is also available at www.yorkentertainment.com.

Allen is a 1980 graduate of Jacksonville High School.

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