May is a crazy month for Jacksonville’s sales tax income, said Jacksonville Economic Development Corporation President Darrell Prcin.  

The month’s sales numbers are represented in the June sales tax allocations, which dropped from $279,977.09 in 2009 to $218,683.44, this year — a 21.89 percent plunge.

“Starting at May 2003, all the Mays look like, for whatever reason, May is a really bumpy month,” Prcin said. “We’ve been as high as $336,000 in 2006 and as low as $204,000 in 2007.”

Prcin said nothing was particularly surprising about individual sales numbers for the month.

“Some of the other numbers in the state are all over the place; I’m curious about the numbers,” he said.

City Manager Mo Raissi said the massive drop is the result of money added to the city’s coffers through an audit.

“In June 2009, we were at $230,227 and $47,188 was added to it,” Raissi said. He said with the audit factored out of the equation, the drop narrows to about 5 percent.

For the year, Jacksonville is down 10.57 percent at $1,439,769.36, compared to $1,610,101.81 last year.

Rusk was up a similar amount; 10.43 percent for 2010 to date at $334,388.03, as compared to $302,794.25 in 2009. The city was up 11.59 percent for the month of June at $46,691.85, compared to 2009’s $41,838.86.

Rusk Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Bob Goldsberry said it’s so far, so good for Rusk.

“People are shopping at home,” Goldsberry said. “Our retailers, especially the ones licensed to sell beer and wine for off-premises consumption, are reporting good sales across the board in all departments.”

New Summerfield is up a large amount in June, though only a small amount for the year.

For the month of June, the city is up 32.7 percent at $2,094.28, compared to last year’s $1,578.18. For the year to date, it is up 2.38 percent; $8,780.82 thus far in 2010, compared against $8,576.65 for 2009.

Alto is up a large amount for the year, but a comparatively small amount for June.

The city’s sales tax allocations stand at $64,924.63 this year to date, a 44.27 percent increase over 2009’s $45,000.63 for the same time period.

In June Alto’s sales tax income climbed 9.53 percent, from $7,347.90 in 2009 to $8,048.64 this year.

Like Jacksonville, Cuney and Wells were both down.

Cuney fell 13.74 percent in June, from $11,562.87 in 2009 to $9,973.04 this June.

To date, the city’s sales tax income for the year fell 26.32 percent from $73,608.85 in 2009 to $54,230.56 this year.

Wells’ sales tax income dropped 19.39 percent in June to reach $1,837.32 from $2,279.50 last year.

And for this year to date, Wells dropped 28.76 percent in sales tax allocations to $11,187.85 from 2009’s $15,706.56.

In total, Cherokee County dropped 6.93 percent in 2010 to date to $1,913,281.25 from last year’s $2,055,788.75 for the same time period.

In June the county in total received $287,328.57 in allocations, down 16.61 percent from 2009’s $344,584.41.

Sales tax allocations in June represent retail and similar sales made in April and sales tax revenue collected in May.

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