This school year, Jacksonville Independent School District has taken steps to become increasingly efficient at integrating technology in the classroom.

The Department of Instructional Technology for JISD announced recently that the district has joined forces with Atomic Learning, a nationally respected provider of Web-based software training.

Atomic Learning ( provides Web-based software training for applications that students and teachers use every day. Atomic Learning provides supplemental learning that’s available 24/7, and delivered through short, easy to understand tutorial videos.

JISD’s current implementation of Atomic Learning training is timely. The National Center for Education Statistics brief shows that while virtually 98 percent of public schools nationwide had access to the Internet, only 52 percent of public school teachers used computers or the Internet for instruction (

“Putting computers into classrooms isn’t enough,” said Dan Meyer, a former classroom teacher, and a founder of Atomic Learning. “That’s not really providing education. That’s like giving a child a book and not teaching her to read. Atomic Learning provides supplemental software training in an economical fashion, so schools still have money to invest in hardware. Technology is so important in education today. Corporate America has to deliver it affordably and efficiently to schools.”

By teaming with Atomic Learning, JISD has the opportunity to train every student and every educator on more than 75 commonly used software applications.

The service will be implemented in three areas: in staff development, as a curriculum supplement, and as a resource for parents of school age children. That means educators, students and their families can access Atomic Learning from school or home, all day, everyday.

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