By Raymond Billy

In spite of the fact that Jacksonville citizens have seen increases in their property values, the property tax rate levied against them by the Jacksonville Independent School District will decrease.

In August, the Cherokee County Appraisal District revealed that the estimated net taxable value of all properties in Jacksonville had increased by $10,470,114 to a total of $511,021,355.

At last week’s JISD special meeting, the school board adopted a tax rate of $1.1179 - 29.221 cents less than the previous tax rate.

“The anticipated savings for the average home in Jacksonville is around $140. These savings may seem small, but market values have increased,” said JISD Superintendent Stuart Bird in a statement which was published in the Jacksonville Daily Progress Sunday.

Citizens largely owe the decrease in their property taxes to Texas House Bill 1 - passed by the legislature last year - which mandated the use of state revenues to replace a percentage of the school property tax.

“There was a legislated tax rate compression which is causing the tax decrease and the state is picking up more of our budget than the local tax dollars do next year. That is good news for the home owners,” Said Lindy Finley, director of finance for JISD.

Jacksonville residents may have to wait a while longer to receive their property tax rates from the city and Cherokee County. The City Council may not adopt a tax rate until the beginning of October. The County will hold a pair of meetings, Sept. 10 and 17 respectively, to discuss the county tax rate.


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