RUSK — Everyone in Rusk knows Kay Epperson, they just might not know her by that name. Kay-Baby, as she’s affectionately known around the county, has been a Rusk landmark for years. Her work and dedication as a Rusk tour guide has been so exceptional that she is finally being recognized for her contributions.

Epperson has been awarded the first place Familiarization Tour Award for her guided walking tours of the town of Rusk. The award was presented by the East Texas Tourism Association and covers the entire East Texas area. Tourists arrive by bus, where Kay-Baby meets them with a smile and then proceeds to lead them around to the shops and historic sites of Rusk. Kay-Baby’s outgoing personality and unique sense of humor have made her a favorite among tourists and a local fixture.

There are approximately 25 familiarization tours in the East Texas area, and Kay-Baby’s work in Rusk was named the finest of them all.

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