By Gayle Steddom

Eunice Sanborn celebrated her 112th birthday on Friday, July 20 at her home on Bonner Street with friends.

Sanborn was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on July 20, 1895 and has the distinction of having lived in three centuries. She sat on her porch on Bonner Street that was decorated with streamers and flowers as many gathered to wish her a happy birthday.

Sanborn and her second husband founded Love’s Lookout in 1937. They built the first concrete bottom pool in Cherokee County at the time. Sanborn’s daughter Dorothy and husband managed Love’s Lookout for many years. Dorothy passed away two years ago at the age of 90.

Attorney and long time friend David French was one of the well-wishers on Friday afternoon.

“I am about half your age,” French told her while Sanborn relayed her memories to him. When asked if she had a favorite memory, she said that all her memories were her favorite.

Bullard resident and physician Marjorie Roper visited to wish Sanborn a happy birthday. Roper said how important Sanborn has been to the community of Jacksonville.

According to the geriatric studies and research, there are estimated to be only 500 people over the age of 110 in the entire world.

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