By Kelly Young

A Jacksonville man was arrested Friday night for allegedly assaulting three family members — including a young child.

Mickel Adams was charged with assault/family violence and with injury to a child for the disturbance which occurred in the 100 block of Woodhaven.

“Officers responded to the home where they observed a vehicle attempting to leave the scene and a black male standing in front of the car blocking it. Both the driver and the man were detained until the officers were able to ascertain what had occurred,” said Detective Daniel Franklin of the Jacksonville Police Department. “Due to the investigation, the officers were able to learn that an assault had taken place between Adams and his wife in the couple’s backyard. During that time, one of the children attempted to break up the altercation, and Adams hit the juvenile in the face; causing him pain.”

Following the assault, both Adams and the victim entered the residence. Adam’s sister-in-law then entered the residence, began a verbal altercation with the suspect and was also assaulted.

“The sister-in-law was struck in the head with a glass figurine, causing physical damage to her head and lips. When officers arrived, the sister-in-law was attempting to leave the scene with her children,” Franklin said.

At this time, the suspect’s wife is refusing to press charges; however, the police continue to investigate the incident.

Adams’ bonds were set at $1,500 for assault/family violence and $4,000 for injury to a child. According to Franklin, Adams has a criminal history with JPD.

Jacksonville police are also investigating a family violence case in the 100 block of Lloyd Street. Dispatch received the call regarding the crime about 6:50 p.m. Friday.

“A couple got into an argument, after which the man left. He then returned later, forced his way into the house, assaulted her and then took off on foot,” Franklin said. “The victim was found to have a bite mark on her right wrist. The case is being investigated by Detective Jason Price, and an arrest is likely.”

Officers are also looking into two thefts which occurred Sunday morning. An outdoor table set, some tray tables and some tools (valued at $398) were taken from a home in the 800 block of El Paso Street. A bicycle was also taken from the yard of a home in the 300 block of North Bonner Street. The bike was worth $60. There are no suspects in either case.

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