GALLATIN — Gallatin City Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Monday to hear from New Summerfield Mayor Jerry Carlile about the gas franchise agreement between the two cities, according to Gallatin Mayor Juanita Cotton.

“Everybody on our gas line is paying the same rate,” Carlile said. “The exception is that we’re paying the city of Gallatin a franchise fee for the transportation of gas through the city of Gallatin to their customers/citizens. I am requesting them to rescind the fee.

“We want everyone to be on a level playing field when it comes to gas rates.”

The council will also hear from Mike Pledger, who will discuss the rules concerning sewer septic systems inside the city limits, according to City Secretary Terrie Sadler.

“We’re also discussing repairs for the community center,” Sadler said. “We’re putting in a new septic system and wiring at the community center.”

The council will also discuss a city ordinance involving mobile homes. Sadler said the city has an ordinance in place about moving such residences on property.

“Several people are interested in (moving mobile homes in), and we’re going to go over the rules,” Sadler said.

Other items on the agenda include approving the Gallatin Fire Department report.

The council will also discuss current plans for the Gopher Fest, to be held April 8-9, crime watch meetings, which are held every fourth Monday of the month at the community center, and the city election, which will be held in mid May.

Sadler said three positions on the city council are coming open, and they have to file for reelection if they wish to run again.

During the last regularly scheduled city council meeting, the council voted to move the meeting from Tuesday to Monday, due to Valentine’s Day, according to Cotton.

The council regularly meets every second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the community center. Each meeting is open to the public and does include time for citizen comment.

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