On Friday, Jan. 27, New Summerfield Independent School District held its homecoming festivities. It was held by student council and the PTO. All class favorites were involved. We had grades pre-K and Headstart all the way to 10th grade class favorites.

The homecoming court was made up of juniors and seniors, and festivities began at 5 p.m. We had a good crowd show up for the festivities. David Suarez and Teresa Ornelas were named Homecoming King and Queen of 2006.

Since New Summerfield is a small school, it is times like these where it is good to see alumni come back and visit with old friends. At this homecoming, the school had Mr. Armen Darby, a 96-year-old gentleman who was part of the first basketball team here in New Summerfield. Darby attended back in 1924. He also brought with him a few pictures from those teams. It was nice time. The PTO presented Darby with a small gift.

We had many people comment that it was nice to see the whole school involved in the homecoming. I told them that we would continue having the class favorites in the homecoming and maybe next year we will have more activities.

A homecoming dance sponsored by the student council and PTO followed the game. We had a good turnout at the dance as well. The dance ended at around 11:30 p.m.

The class favorites

Headstart — Madison Villegas and Raymundo Sanchez

Pre-K — Jasmine Suarez and Jesus Garcia

Mrs. Miller’s K — Melissa Melendez and Marco Hernandez

Mrs. DelaRosa K — Ana Suarez and Gabriel Garcia

Mrs. Powell’s First — Abby Cochrane and Daniel Balderas

Mrs. Parrott’s First — Samie Vargas and Omar Arellano

Mrs. McRight’s First — Jaqueline Guardado and Joel Torres

Mrs. Jones Second – Damondra Johnson and Case Wilkerson

Ms. Adams Second – Lucy Jimenez and Lupito Mendoza

Mrs. Szabo Third – Samantha Briones and Angel Marroquin

Mrs. Wheeler Third – Juana Guerrero and Israel Cruz

Mrs. Marshall Fourth – Cecilia Hernandez and Pedro Oviedo

Mrs. Mendoza Fourth – Jacqueline Hernandez and Sabino Mata

Mrs. Barnhart Fifth – Cindy Medellin and Jonathon Garcia

Mrs. Roberts Fifth – Karina Cruz and Adrian Ornelas

Mrs. Wilcox Sixth- Adriana Paredes and Ryan Mayes

Mrs. Nutt Sixth – Micaela Akin and Manuel Hernandez

Seventh Grade – Jasmine Calvillo

Eighth Grade – Maleni Garcia and Javier Hernandez

Ninth Grade – Laura Garcia and Jr. Marroquin

10th Grade – Diana Rubio and Jesús Vargas

The Homecoming Court

11th Grade: Leticia Barajas, Kristen Harrelson, David Suarez and David Ornelas

12th Grade: Teresa Ornelas, Nelly Rangel, Freddy Suarez and Billy White

The winners

3rd Runner-up – David Ornelas

2nd Runner-up – Nelly Rangel (tie), Leticia Barajas (tie) and Billy White

1st Runner-up – Kristen Harrelson and Freddy Suarez

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