A significant battle in the war on drugs was won Tuesday morning when 20 arrest warrants were executed by the Troup Police Department resulting in the arrests of 15 Troup drug dealers.

Operation CUT (Clean Up Troup), the brainchild of Troup Police Chief Pat Hendrix, was designed to take back the streets of Troup from drug dealers.

“Operation CUT was started the first day I took office. We began to collect intelligence and started surveillance on several suspects that we believed to be involved in drugs,” Hendrix said. “We did undercover operations for about three months, until we felt that we had tracked down a majority of the drug dealers in town.”

According to Hendrix, TPD met at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning to coordinate and make the operations final plans.

“At 6 a.m. we executed our arrest warrants. Of the 20 suspects we had identified, we arrested 15 of the 20. We also seized five vehicles and $1,400 in cash,” Hendrix said. “We still have five suspects at large and two vehicles that will be seized.”

The suspects apprehended ranged in age from 16 years to 76 years of age.

“Ethnicities of the suspects ranged from black to white to Hispanic to other, and both men and women were arrested,” Hendrix said. “All 15 suspects were taken to the Smith County Jail and, to my knowledge, none have posted bond.”

Hendrix said that because most of the arrests were made within 100 feet of a school, many of the charges were enhanced.

“All suspects where arrested for delivery of a controlled substance, and the controlled substances were anything from marijuana to prescription pills to crack cocaine and meth,” he said.

Hendrix was very pleased by the success of Operation CUT

“We are very excited about making a difference in our community and are glad to get this poison off our streets,” Hendrix said. “It’s our goal as police officers to protect and to serve, and these arrests go a long way towards protecting Troup.”

The following individuals were arrested as part of Operation CUT:

• Edmund Williams

• Jacob Groessel

• Samuel Sutton

• Rekita Hart

• Antwain Lydia

• Karlus Kincade

• Michael Sturns

• Jackie Crisp

• Eddie Lee Watson

• Jackie Austin

• Tommy Thomas

• Nell Nanse

• Cassie Gibson

Two juveniles were also arrested.

The following individuals are currently at large:

• Paul Pate — white, male, 44;

• Larry Samuel Palmer — white, male, 30;

• Brandon Medford — black, male, 21;

• Kenneth Foster — black, male, 22; and

• Cody Jamar Lewis — black, male, 19.

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