By Kelly Young

The Jacksonville Police Department is looking into allegations made by a Jacksonville woman who claims a male friend attempted to rape her last week.

“The caller advised dispatch that she had been with a friend when he started making sexual advances at her. When she refused to have anything to do with him, he began to assault her, forcing her to the ground and attempting to have sex with her,” said Detective Daniel Franklin. “She was able to free herself, and the actor fled the scene.”

The alleged victim claimed that she did not immediately call the police regarding the crime because the perpetrator had threatened her not to. JPD is actively investigating the case.

JPD officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Harrison Street Sunday evening, in response to four calls they received concerning a person with a gun.

“The incident occurred on the roadway between Lincoln and Harrison streets. The complainant was driving when he observed three black males. One of the males pulled out a handgun and handed it to a second male, who then pointed the gun at the complainant.

“The driver then left the area. The man with the gun did not say anything nor shoot the gun, just pointed it in the complainant’s direction,” Franklin said.

Franklin said the police department is currently investigating the crime, and does have a specific suspect in mind.

“The description given to us of the black male with the gun was similar to the description of a man that officers spoke to later that evening,” he said.

Officers also responded to the burglary of a building in the 200 block of Ladd Street, Saturday night.

“A neighbor observed two black males in the garage of an abandoned house. He contacted the owner of the house’s son, who told him that no one should be over there at that time. The neighbor then contacted JPD,” Franklin said.

“When officers arrived, the subjects had already left the scene. We don’t know at this time if anything was taken from the garage. The owner’s son is going to go over to see if anything is missing. We do have possible suspects in the case, and it is being investigated at this time.”


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