By Kelly Young

Jacksonville Police Department investigators are looking into a possible credit card abuse case at the Holiday Inn Express in the 1,800 block of Jackson Street. JPD received the initial call at approximately 11 a.m. Tuesday.

JPD Detective Daniel Franklin said the investigation centers around a former employee of the hotel.

“One of the desk clerks at the hotel was allowing a guest to stay in a room and was charging it to a business account that they were not connected to,” Franklin said. “She was allowing them to stay there at a reduced rate, and she was keeping the extra money.”

No arrests have been made, but the investigation is on-going. Holiday Inn Express declined to comment, but did state that the suspect is no longer employed by the hotel.

Officers are also investigating a criminal mischief call from the 1,000 block of Rusk Street, May 30. According to Franklin, the complainant went outside to find that the headlights on his truck had been painted green with spray paint. The victim does not know who is responsible.

JPD dispatch received a call concerning a burglary at Wayne Hammon’s Trucking Company, Wednesday morning.

“The caller stated that when he came to work he found that an interior door had been pried open, but that nothing was missing,” Franklin said. “It appears that they entered the building with intent to steal, but then changed their minds and left.”

There are no suspects at this time.

A Jacksonville woman was arrested Wednesday night, at the Dollar General store, for shoplifting.

“Billye Mott entered the store, opened a pack of boys underwear, removed several pairs of underwear and tried to conceal them in her waistband. A store clerk witnessed her hiding the items and contacted the police department,” Franklin said.

Mott, 27, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with theft. She has a history of arrests with JPD.

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