By Kelly Young

The Jacksonville Police Department has issued arrest warrants for a 19-year-old Jackson-ville man investigators believe has committed numerous burglaries in the past three weeks at the professional building of East Texas Medical Center. Roderick D. Silmon is wanted for two burglaries which occurred Dec. 18, and is a main suspect in five others.

“I’m currently investigating seven burglaries which have taken place in doctors’ offices that are contained within the professional office building at 203 Nacogdoches Street,” said Detective Travis Cearley. “The crimes have all taken place between December 18tn and December 31st.”

On Dec. 18, staff members from the offices of Dr. James Thurow and Dr. Larry Cunningham discovered someone forced entry into the building and numerous items were taken.

“It was determined that cash and several VISA gift cards were stolen. The gift cards have been traced back, and it was found that they were being used at numerous places in East Texas — spanning from Palestine to Tyler to Jacksonville to Alto,” Cearley said. “Through these transactions, I was able to find that a Rodrick Denard Silmon, has been in possession of the credit cards, using them at all these different locations.”

An undisclosed amount of cash and 16 $100 gift cards were taken from the offices.

Cearley said that since warrants had been issued in the first two cases, he will now be able to focus on the remaining five cases.

“During interviews with staff from the affected offices, I’ve learned that we were not notified each time the building was broken into, but the true number of times the building was entered is going to be in excess of six or seven,” Cearley said.

An 80-pound safe was stolen during the Dec. 31 burglary, causing Cearley to consider the possibility that more than one person was involved in that crime.

“Because of the size and weight of the safe, its possible the person responsible for the crime had an accomplice. That’s not to say that one person couldn’t do it, but it would definitely have eased the task if they had help,” he said.

Silmon is a black male believed to be 6 foot 1inch tall, weighing 158 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. At this point, JPD has not been able to determine any direct connection between Silmon and ETMC.

JPD is also investigating the theft of Christmas decorations from five or six yards in the area of San Antonio Street. According to Detective Tonya Sonntag, the crimes have occurred between the 500 and 700 blocks of San Antonio and its adjoining streets in the past week.

“For the most part its been plastic snowmen, candy canes and inflatables disappearing from yards. One lady even had the baby Jesus taken out of her nativity set. The same woman then had her flag stolen from her front porch just yesterday (Tuesday),” Sonntag said. “For the most part, the crimes are occurring in the late night or early morning hours, but yesterday we did have some items come up missing later in the morning.”

Sonntag said she believes neighborhood children to be responsible, but the department does not have any suspects at this time. Officers are investigating some suspicious vehicle calls they have received in the area which may be related.

Anyone with information regarding either the burglaries at ETMC or the thefts on the East Side should call JPD at 903-586-2546.

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