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Rob Gowin presents the case for a wet Sadler’s to the Planning and Zoning Commission. It will go to the city council in May with a favorable recommendation.

The Jacksonville Planning and Zoning Commission did not agree to provide a favorable recommendation to the Jacksonville City Council regarding an application from local business owner Tracy Elledge. Elledge had requested a zone change from “H” Central Business District to “H” Special Use Permit to allow for a pool hall at 115 E. Commerce.

It happened during the regular planning and zoning meeting Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Elledge said the pool hall would constitute much of the same operation he has at his location on South Ragsdale.

“The new location is a more modern building,” Elledge said. “It is more suitable for our patrons.”

He also said the location is not a bring-your-own-beer business and does not allow outside drinks. It operates, he added, till late at night on most nights, though it’s closed on Monday.

Elledge said the complaints received regarding the old pool hall and music and yelling did not actually come from his business.

Several business owners from Downtown Jacksonville spoke out against the possible move.

Elaine’s Owner Elaine Beal said though she has nothing against the pool hall business, the atmosphere of the downtown area would be negatively impacted by such a move.

“Our ambiance needs to stay retail,” Beal said. “My customers are going to come into town and see the pool hall. It’s going to hurt my business.”

Most of the people who spoke against the move were from the 100 block of E. Commerce and either owned or worked in a business on the block.

The matter will go to the city council in May without a favorable recommendation, at which point the council will decide whether to grant the zone change.

Sadler’s Kitchen Owner Rob Gowin fared significantly better, receiving nothing but positive comments when his request for a zone change from “H” Central Business District to “H” Special Use Permit was brought to the commission. If approved by the city council, this will allow for the service of alcohol at Sadler’s.

Gowin said he plans to keep night hours from Thursday to Saturday from 5:30-10 p.m.

“I don’t intend to go until midnight,” Gowin said.

His request received a favorable recommendation from the commission.

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