Chris Murry, left, and Jared Bigg with Amerion Telecommunications Company reviewed blue prints on the Jacksonville High School project they are interested on bidding on Jan. 5.

On Monday, Jacksonville High School and Fred Douglass Elementary were filled with more than 50 contractors walking through the schools—all interested in placing a bid for the school renovation project.

The contractors were able to physically see what they would work with for the project, Superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell said.

“They will bid on the 5th of January and we will have the guaranteed maximum price at the January meeting on the 23rd,” he said.

Brian Rose, director of project management with Pogue Construction, said ads of the walk-through were ran in four different newspapers over the course of two weeks.

The high school project will primarily consist of additional renovations. The school will have a new cafeteria and science wing, and renovations will be made to some classroom space, main parking entrances and administration area.

The elementary school is also undergoing minor renovations, adding classrooms and possibly a gymnasium.

“We have the drawings on the website along with bidding dates,” he said.

Jared Bigg, with Amerion Telecommunication Company based out of Lufkin, said he heard about the project last week and he was interested on bidding.

“We're looking at the grounds for the first time,” he said.

He said this is it was also the company’s first time to attend the walk-through, but it is looking into expanding its service to surrounding areas.

John Riley with B & D Electrical, said the company is currently working on Joe Wright Elementary and they are interested on placing a bid on the Jacksonville High School and Fred Douglass projects as well.

Wardell said a company did not have to attend the walk through if it were interested in bidding, but it was available for those who wanted to see the schools.

Companies from all over attended the walk-through aside from local businesses.

“We are pleased with the turnout,” Wardell said.

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