Racial profiling statistics formally approved by County Commissioners Monday indicate minority traffic stops are … in the minority in Cherokee County.

Commissioners unanimously approved this report following an explanation of the 2012 racial profiling statistics  re-leased to them by Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell.

The information indicates the clear majority of the traffic stops, 485 of them, during the year were of Caucasians. Only a fraction consisted of African Americans, 134 stops, and Hispanics, 87 stops, records show.

This statistical information typically is submitted to the Texas Commission on Law En-forcement Officer Stan-dards and Education. Filing officially began on Jan. 1, and Texas police authorities have until March 1 to submit the required numbers.

The information used in the report is collected by law enforcement officials during the ticket process year round and entered into a database where it is compiled into a comprehensive, yearly report.

Of the 706 stopped in Cherokee County, 647 received citations only, 38 were arrested and 21 were both arrested and cited, the report shows.

Of those searches, the race or ethnicity of only 76 people were known prior to the stop, while those of 630 were not, according to Campbell's report.

The sheriff's statistics indicates 155 of the vehicles stopped were searched, while 551 were not.

Of those searches. 86 of those stopped agreed to it while 69 of them did not, reports show.

No other minorities – such as Middle Easterners, Indians and Asians – were indicated  as having been stopped.

The law regarding this data collection process went into effect on Sept. 1, 2001, at which point it became part of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

All reports submitted to TCLEOSE originally were listed at its website, http://www.tcleose.state.tx.us/content/racial_profile_report.cfm, but were pulled in late January or early February to place on a special disk containing results from all Texas law enforcement entities – once they have all been submitted.

Similar area racial profile reports include:

• The Jacksonville Police Department, which submitted its results early. According to the state figures  1,056 of the 2,193 citations issued by the Jacksonville Police Department in 2012 were to Caucasian offenders, 477 were African American, 10 Asian, 643 Hispanic, five Middle Eastern and two Native American.

• Bullard's figures indicate 895 of the 1,309 citations officers issued between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of 2012 were issued to Caucasians, while 192 of those ticketed were African American, five Asian, 213 Hispanic, three Middle Eastern and one Native American.

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