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Singer/songwriter Randy Brown of Mineola takes the stage Saturday to continue the 15th season at Roland’s Next Door. The building housing the Next Door celebrates its 100th birthday this season.

Brown is a multi-talented performer, playing guitar and mandolin to accompany the fine songs he has written.

Brown’s songs reflect an active, incisive mind overlayed with a twisted wit, a wry smile and a sprinkling of nostalgia. From songs about peeing on an electric fence (no kidding) to topics such as quantum physics/mechanics (“… my quantum valentine?”), he uses his fine sense of melody, well-developed guitar and mandolin chops, and understated humorous comments to engage every audience.

“Randy’s recently released CD, ‘Dream Big,’ co-produced with Gordon McLeod, is a virtual tour de force and I strongly encourage you to pick one up at the event,” event coordinator Roland Brown said. “I consider it one of the best (out of many, many I’ve heard) that I have come across in recent years.”

For this event, and perhaps for the last time ever, the band, Jealousy Motel, comprised of Roland Brown, along with guitar master and songwriter John Defoore (guitar teacher and songwriting mentor of the likes of Miranda Lambert), joined by the third Motel member, Dirje “The Cello” Smith, reunite to bring the harmonies and instrumental delights that have long been missed. Come hear songs we’ve loved such as “He Never Spoke Her Name,” “Haunted,” and so many more.

Although the Jealousy Motel Web site is not up-to-date, it does have some info and some links worth checking out while Roland Brown (who spent part of his boyhood in Jacksonville) has a great Web site at www.brownrandy.com.

The Third Saturday concert is 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Roland’s Next Door, 102 S. Ragsdale, corner of Ragsdale and Wilson streets in downtown Jacksonville. Admission is a donation of $10 or $5 for students. Refreshments are available.

Roland’s Next Door is a smoke- and alcohol-free “listening room” environment. Housed in a 100-year-old building in downtown Jacksonville, the venue is often compared to places on Austin’s 6th Street or Dallas’ Greenville Avenue. Dress is casual and the crowd, which is always varied, includes young and old folks from many different backgrounds, all of whom enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere, good music, some coffee and sweets, and most of all, a great night out.

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