By April Barbe

Since an article titled Animal Shelter Seeks Donations ran in the Sunday edition of the Jacksonville Daily Progress, almost $500 has been donated according to PAWS Director Jennifer Lee.

Lee said donations have been in the form of “walk-in donations,” “TLC canister” and PayPal donations.

According to Lee, donations include:

• Walk-ins - $200 check with several others showing up to give $20-plus donations;

• TLC (shelter countertop) canister - Full again after being emptied just days ago; and

• PayPal - $50 donation the day after the article ran

Several phone calls asking where to send money have also been received, according to Lee.

The address to send donations is: P. O. Box 294, Jacksonville, Texas, 75766.

One e-mail asking how to setup donations through PayPal and two more e-mails from people offering to help with fundraising have been received, Lee said. Several people have also donated blankets, towels and other items in this week.

“All we had to do was ask. We really, really appreciate it,” Lee said. “Now I have to get busy sending out ‘Thank You’ letters.”

Wednesday, Lee was busy gathering information about how local bill-pay services at banks can be used to make donations to the shelter.

She said it appears to be easy and efficient. Lee is planning to add instructions to the Web site about how electronic payments may be set up.

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