Super 1 Foods - Jacksonville conducted a food drive over the weekend to benefit local non-profit HOPE, which provides many food related programs.

“We opened the store eight months ago and the community supported us with open arms. From day one that we opened these doors, the community was here supporting us and this is just another way that we can support the community and give back,” Store Director Chris Belt said. “They have been here for us and now it’s our turn to give back to them.”

Three large watermelon bins were nearly full with the collected items, which included non-perishable foods and toilet paper.

Belt noted the first of any event is usually difficult to get a response, but said this was one of the better turnouts he had seen, as far as donations went.

The reason for the ‘Fill the Big Cart’ goal was two-fold, according to Belt. It represents what a grocery store is about but, more importantly, gives people a visual goal.

“Once they see a goal, it gives them something to strive for and we did pretty good,” Belt said. “We came close to filling it up this time, so I’m extremely happy.

“I hope this is going to be the first of many. This is a good collaboration between Brookshire Grocery Company, Super 1 and HOPE. I hope that we can continue to do this and make this a tradition.”

Several HOPE staff members and volunteers gathered at Super 1 Foods to load the items into personal vehicles to transport to HOPE. Executive Direct.or Ellann Johnson was among those present and working.

“We are super excited when organizations and businesses come to town and support our town,” she said. “They are here. They are making a difference. They are making sure that our shelves are full, and we sure appreciate it.”


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