The Jacksonville location for the Cherokee County tax office, located at 101 S. Bonner, will move to 301 W. Commerce Friday, County Tax Assessor-Collector Linda Little said.

It will be closed Friday as the equipment is transported.

Location Clerk Cathy Willis said there will be several advantages to the new location.

“It will be roomier with a bigger storage space and a break room,” she said.

Little said originally the old Jacksonville police station, located next to the tax office, was set to be the new location.

“The commissioners bought three buildings,” she said. “Juvenile probation moved into one, Justice of the Peace Pct. 3 moved into one and the tax office will move into the third.”

She said these three buildings were purchased at a very reasonable price, a better bargain than if the county had followed through with the original plan to remodel the old police station and move into that building.

“There’s more space inside the new facility with room for growth,” Little said. “We can add a fourth customer service person and more room for the customers in the lobby. It will be a better situation for security as well.”

Little also said she hopes all the vehicle registration lines will be up and running by March 1.

She added she wanted to stress the tax office did not have a choice on the move date and apologized for any inconvenience an end-of-month move caused.

“The last day of the month is not a good day but we had to move on that date as the state was available to move then,” Little said. “We will be closed that day but the Rusk office will be open.”

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