My most memorable event was the Fred Douglass Dragon Band. That purple and white marching on the field was outstanding.

I was one of the youngest ones in the band and we worked really hard but we also showed results by always receiving an excellent rating. I can’t ever recall receiving anything other than a “1” rating.

My sisters (Anita, Debbie, Faye) and one of my brothers (Jim) were also in the band. The Dragon band was known through out East Texas for their superior ratings.

My mother (Girlean) and her best friend (Otha) had priority seating beside the band. They never missed a game from the youngest to the oldest, rather it was football or band. They supported their children and were very vocal.

Other fans wanted to get a seat near them. They were truly fans of their children as well as the team and band. Having been the first “Black” majorette at JHS, I can still hear my mother yelling “that’s my baby”. Back then, having a black majorette was a rare occasion; therefore, all attention was focused on me. We have progressed some since then.

One of the traditions at FDHS was after the game, you could walk on the field and escort your favorite player to the locker room.

I have had some fun times in the Tomato Bowl as a Fred Douglass Dragon (Purple & White) and JHS Indian (Blue & Gold).

Go Purple/White!

Go Blue/Gold!

Go Tomato Bowl!

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