By Kelly Young

Jacksonville Police Department officers are investigating numerous thefts which occurred around town Thursday.

At 10 a.m. JPD was called to the baseball complex on Byrd Road to conduct a burglary investigation.

“When officers arrived they found that the concession stand was broken into. They should be providing us with a list of stuff that was stolen, but we haven’t gotten that list yet,” said JPD Detective Daniel Franklin. “There are no suspects at this time.”

The police are also looking into a theft at Dusco Constructors, 1358 Bolton Street. The crime was reported at approximately 6 p.m.

“Some construction equipment and a saw horse was stolen from the outside of the business. The value of the stolen equipment is unknown at this time,” Franklin said.

JPD is also seeking information concerning hubcaps that were stolen off a car in the 900 block of Waco Street. The owner claims to have no idea who is responsible for the crime.

Officers were dispatched to the Sweet Union Apartments, Thursday night, in response to an assault call.

“It started as a verbal altercation between a man and a woman over using the telephone. During the fight, the victim was hit over the top of her head, causing her pain. As the suspect was trying to pull the phone away, he scratched and twisted her arm,” Franklin said. “She was eventually able to get away, get him away from the residence, lock the door and call the police department.”

No arrests were made at the scene of the crime, but the details of the case are still under investigation.

A Jacksonville woman was arrested Wednesday night, at the Dollar General store, for shoplifting.

“Billye Mott entered the store, opened a pack of boys underwear, removed several pairs of underwear and tried to conceal them in her waistband. A store clerk witnessed her hiding the items and contacted the police department,” Franklin – said.

Mott, 27, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with theft. She has a history of arrests with JPD.

The police department has also intensified its investigation of an aggravated robbery at Metro-Mart in April, has already arrested one suspect and is looking for three more.

A man with a bandanna covering his face used a gun to hold up the Metro-Mart, in the 500 block of Larissa Street, April 28. A Jacksonville man, Isreal Morales Rodriguez, was arrested for the crime Wednesday, May 16. While being questioned, Rodriguez told the investigators about his three co-conspirators.

“We arrested him, and while I was interviewing him, he told me, ‘Yes, I did it. We all drove over there together. They parked the car behind the store while I ran in and got the money. We were to split the money four ways,’” said JPD Detective Travis Cearley. “He named his accomplices as Willie Rogers, Desmond Thompson and Kendrick O’Neal. All three are young, black males, who are Jacksonville locals.”

According to Cearley, the suspects are no strangers to the law.

“Willie Rogers has been arrested before, including for an aggravated robbery at the Sonic restaurant earlier this year. Kendrick O’Neal has both traffic and criminal arrests on his record. Desmond Thompson has been arrested numerous times for everything from traffic to drugs to assault,” Cearley said. “All three have extensive histories with this agency.”

Each of the three suspects have been charged with first-degree robbery.

Willie Rogers, 18, is approximately 6’0” tall. Kendrick O’Neal, 26, is roughly 5’11” tall. Desmond Thompson, 26, is approximately 6’2” tall.

Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of these three should contact Det. Cearley immediately at 903-586-8336. Information leading to an arrest in this case could be eligible for a Crime Stoppers monetary award.


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