RUSK — County Attorney Craig D. Caldwell’s office has complied a list of all the alleged misdemeanor-theft by check warrants issued since the Fall 2005 Roundup. If you live in Cherokee County and have an outstanding check, be aware there could be a warrant for your arrest.

If you know or suspect that you have returned checks out, contact either Lois Garner at 903-683-5597 or Jackie Gruber at 903-683-2423. These ladies can help you make the proper arrangements.

Perhaps you recognize a name on the list. If that person has moved, call us. Otherwise, please let that person see this article. It will help them.

It is extremely important that you act now because very soon local police or sheriff’s deputies will be actively searching for all Cherokee County residents whose names appear below. You could be arrested at work.

Do not be afraid to call just because you cannot pay off your checks immediately. If your case has not been processed for a warrant, you can set up a payment plan and pay your returned checks out weekly or monthly.

If there is a warrant for your arrest, you will be able to be processed, post a bond, and then be set for court in July 2006. This is to allow you time to save up on money to pay by your court date, or before.

The important thing to remember is that returned checks cost all county residents money. Merchants raise the price of their goods to cover losses — such as theft through returned checks. Also, if you have an accident or are stopped for any reason, anyplace, you will be taken to jail because of the warrant. Then you may have to spend several days in jail in another county, which could cause you to lose your job.

Theft by check warrants for Cherokee County residents is as follows:

• Andrade, Betty Jo (Palacios)

• Arnold, Tony Garett

• Barron, Dianna Lee

• Beharry, Rosana Amanda

• Berryhill, Monty Lee

• Bitterman, John Owen

• Boyd, Demetrus Lynell

• Brooks, Billy C.

• Calderon, Sheila Ann

• Camp, Billy Don

• Carrell, David Andrea

• Chandler, Rodney Glenn

• Chavira, Kathy Lorraine


• Childs, Patricia Dawn

• Crain, Christine Annette

• Cruz, Michael Anthony

• Dandridge, Richard Leon

• Davis, Johnny Daniel Jr.

• Donnell, Gretta Louise

• Egerstaffer, David James

• Endsley, Ilja

• Fenderson, Shani M.

• Foshee, Linda Jane

• Foster, Rhonda Kay

• Franco, Ronda S.


• Fulton, Etica Neco Cooper

• Gonzales, Obdulia Rosales

• Gonzalez, Jeana Kay

• Goodwin, James Reagain

• Granger, Benjamin Joseph

• Green, Carolyn Ryherd

• Guillen, Robert

• Hackney, Shamesia L.


• Hagan, James Glenn

• Hall, Keasha Roshetta

• Hammons, Donna Lynn


• Hammons, Joe Harrold

• Harrison, Carroll Bruce

• Harwell, Angela Darlene


• Hassell, Shelia Kay

• Hathaway, Robin Marie

• Helm, Eva Marie

• Henderson, Tyson L.

• Hood, Jeromy Curtis

• Inglehart, Kevin Barrett

• James, Tasha Richelle

• Johnston, Johnny Ray

• Jones, Jimmy Allen

• Jordan, Donald Ray Jr.

• Kay, Ricky Lee

• Kimbrell, James Earl

• King, Kelly Rene

• Kirkland, Rachael Coe

• Krause, Rhonda Elizabeth

• Lacy, Nicki Terrall

• Lara, Maricarmen Chavez

• Lawson, Wiley Sr.

• Leonard, Laurie Dianne

• Lewis, Tara Leatrice

• Marburg, Vikki Lynn

• Marroquin, Evelio Ramirez

• Martinez, Denicce Armeade

• Martinez, Gustavo Denova

• McDuff, Eric Lamonte

• McIntosh, Curtis Dale

• McKenzie, Dale Wayne

• Mirche, Justin Morgan

• Moten, Frank Jr.

• Navarro, Jennifer Gonzalez

• Odell, Rhonda Cook Allen

• Payne, Julie Dawn

• Perkins, Laura Lee

• Peyton, Cathy Greeno

• Pond, Becky Sue

• Poole, Wilma Jean

• Propes, Ashley Monique

• Ray, Jason David

• Reeves, Yolanda Garcia

• Reyes, Mira Pepinovic

• Robinson, Tabitha Cox

• Rodgers, Heath Vaughn

• Rodriguez, Danny

• Rodriguez, Luis Daniel

• Ruth, Anthony Ray

• Sampson, Douglas Stuart IV

• Sanders, Christina Ann

• Sawyer, Alyce Pauline

• Scheler, Ashely Ann

• Session, Gaylon Lloyd /


• Sides, David Glenn

• Simons, Vanessa Renee

• Simpson, Lisa K.

• Smith, Jennifer Lynn

• Smith, Sandi Michele

• Smith, Vallorie Marie

• Snow, Barbara Ann

• Solley, Sheana Gayle

• Sturgill, Anicia Rozalia

• Sullinger, Donna Kathleen

• Tilley, Cristle Andrea

• Tilley, Nakia Kantrice

• Tinsley, Linder Whitaker

• Trombatore, Wilburn Luke

• Vasquez, Haydee N.

• Vick, Richard Dean

• Waller, Deeann Richardson

• Washburn, Beverly Ann

• Wells, Wilma Sue

• West, Gregory Lee

• White, Rickey William

• Wiggins, Brazos Jomaric

• Williams, Debra Fisher

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