Hot weather resulted in a few incidents during Tomato Fest Saturday.

Jacksonville Fire Marshall Dennis Tate said two people were treated and released for heat exhaustion and a third was transported to a local hospital, possibly because of heart trouble potentially aggravated by the heat.

“We saw heat exhaustion out here,” Tate said. “Older people are more susceptible to it.”

Tate said anyone of any age group can fall victim to heat exhaustion and heat stroke if they stay outdoors long enough.

He said  heat stroke, with an abnormally elevated body temperature, is a medical emergency and can result in death.

“With heat exhaustion you’re still sweating,” Tate said. “You stop sweating with a heat stroke. Seek help immediately.”

In addition to the three care recipients, seven others stopped by a cooling booth during Tomato Fest Saturday, Tate said.

As the blazing East Texas summer enters the scene Tate said there are a few key points in avoiding heat exhaustion and heat stroke:

• take frequent breaks when working or spending time outdoors;

• drink plenty of water; and

• get out of the heat if feelings of exhaustion begin to develop.

“Be aware of how your body is feeling at all times,” Tate said.

Heat exhaustion symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, headaches, muscle cramps and dizziness.

Symptoms of a heat stroke include high body temperature, the absence of sweating with hot red or flushed dry skin, a rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, strange behavior, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, disorientation, seizures and falling into a coma.

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