These are difficult times for Veronica Hunter of Jacksonville — whose brother,  city code enforcement officer Stacy Dewayne Hunter, was murdered late last year.

It's humbling to her that the Jacksonville City Council thought enough of her brother to name their recently-reclaimed recreation center after him.

But she said it's equally frustrating waiting for her brother's accused killer, Jimmy Deshawn Mosley, to see trial.

“I just what to get the trial over with,” she said. “I'm not looking forward to it. But I want it done.”

On Oct. 27, Stacy Hunter, 43, was shot multiple times and killed at the night club on North Jackson Street that bears his name — allegedly by Mosley, a distant relative.

Mosley turned himself in to police  hours later in connection with the crime. He was then arrested and charged with capital murder. He was later indicted  for the crime by a Cherokee County grand jury.

Moseley remained in custody in Cherokee County Jail Monday in lieu of $250,000 bail, court and jail records show.  The name of his attorney was not immediately available.

Randy Hatch, investigator for Cherokee County District Attorney Rachel Patton, said it's probably going to be awhile longer before Mosley's trial begins. Hatch said he is still discussing aspects of the case with Jacksonville Police.

“It's a ways down the road,” the investigator said.  

Hatch said a decision has not been made as to whether the DA's office will pursue life or death punishment for the capital crime. That decision will be made after representatives of the DA's office discuss it with members of the victim's family.

Stacy Hunter was very well thought of in the community — loved by friends, family and coworkers — for coaching youth athletics and many other community activities involving children.  

So the frustration Veronica Hunter feels when waiting is competing with the joy she feels for the council's naming decision, she said.

“I am honored greatly,” Veronica Hunter said. “I really appreciate the gesture from (City Manager) Mo Raissi, who I know did a lot of the work to make it happen.”

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