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Rep. Jake Ellzey

United States Congressman Jake Ellzey (R-CD) recently talked about the new makeup of Texas’s Sixth District and what he expects of the 118th Congress, now that Republicans are in the majority of the House of Representatives for the first time since 2019.

Due to redistricting, Texas’s Sixth District looks a bit different since he first took his oath in July of 2018, after he won a special runoff election to succeed Rep. Ron Wright who died in February of that year.

As of Jan. 7, the Sixth District triples in area, includes six additional new counties and is made up of 61% new constituents.

Ellzey said he is looking forward to meeting them, “There’s a lot of hard-working rural folks within the Sixth District and I love it,” he said.

Ellzey will continue to serve all of Navarro and Ellis Counties as well as a portion of Tarrant County. The newly formed Sixth District stretches from Wells in Cherokee, County to Whitley, in Hill, County. The district also includes the Irving area in Dallas County and part of Johnson County as well as all of Freestone, and Anderson Counties.

Of the 766,000 residents currently residing in the Sixth District, Mansfield is the largest city, with a population of 75,000.

Ellzey indicated he plans to undertake an aggressive travel schedule throughout the district when Congress isn’t in session.

As for what he plans on telling those who are first to meet him, he said he isn’t sure.

“I plan on listening to what the people want and need and serving with the same quiet professionalism I have since I was first elected,” he said.

The former Naval Aviator that retired after 20 years of service in 2012, acknowledged that access to high-speed internet and health care in rural areas are among the issues he plans to address during the budget process in the coming months.

We’re going to have regular order in the House under Speaker Kevin McCarthy, said Ellzey

“That means members will serve on committees, participate in the process hold debates and do their work.”

Ellzey was recently named to the House Appropriations Committee which helps define the priorities that Congress will pay for.

Being named to the Appropriations is a great opportunity to help taxpayers save money.

Ellzey highlighted the cost of goods and services including fuel which impacts everything, from the farm fields to the grocery store because of the high cost of fuel “Americans are hurting because of Biden Administration policies,” he said.

According to Ellzey one of the priorities of the 118th Congress lead by Speaker McCarthy is reducing the national debt.

Republicans also plan to address the nation’s education system and national security concerns including Russia and the Chinese Communist Party.

He also discussed the continuing problem of illegal immigration through the Southern Border as well as the prevalence of fentanyl and human trafficking.

“More than 4.6 million people have crossed into America illegally in the last two years,” he said.

Ellzey said he supports paying back the money Texans spent to defend the border. He and others in the Texas delegation plan to introduce legislation to secure it, as well as continue to address the issue with Mexico’s leaders which he considers a “failed state.”

Ellzey said that although the new Congress hasn’t gotten of to a fast start he anticipates that the House will be able to get things done, even with a slim 222-212 Republican Majority.

“Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency, right now, but in 2024 that could change,” he said.

For now, with the campaign in the rear view mirror, My focus is on his work in the Sixth District, where he and his staff continue to help constituents cut through government’s red tape.”

I have the best staff in the country, including several case workers. Last year they responded to 28,540 constituent e-mails, and made over 6,500 calls on behalf of those who voiced concerns.

Over 200 residents of the Sixth District were honored on the floor of the House, more received Congressional recognitions. Ellzey and his staff were able to close 782 files of case work last year.

A number he hopes to increase in 2023.

Corsicana resident Cliff Wiley recently announced that he plans to challenge Ellzey in the 2024 Republican Primary.

Rep. Jake Ellzey currently has offices in Waxahachie, Arlington and Corsicana, as well as his Capitol Office 1725 Longworth House Office Building in Washington DC.

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