Jhovani Romero is sworn in as an honorary reserve police officer Friday afternoon by Police Chief Reece Daniel.

Eleven-year old Jhovani Romero was sworn in as Jacksonville's only honorary reserve police officer  for valorous actions that led to the arrest of a robbery suspect on Thursday.

Oct. 4, Romero and his mother had picked up his little brother from school and pulled into their driveway when they noticed the front door gaping open, he said.

Upon entering the house, Romero said he saw a light on in his mother's room from the corner of his eye.  He looked in the room and saw a man holding their plasma-screen television, he said.

When the man saw him, he dropped the TV and attempted to flee, he said.

Police said Romero's mother, Maria Pena, attempted to shut the door on the man to prevent his escape, but he forced his way out.

As the perpetrator was getting into his vehicle, Romero took a mental note of the appearance of the car and memorized the license plate number, police said.

“I don't really know how I stayed calm,” Romero said.

Police said they don't promote apprehending or attempting to detain suspects, because they can be armed and dangerous.

“But what we do condone is that he stayed calm and collected,” Detective Tonya Harris said.

Information provided by Romero led to the arrest of the suspect, who allegedly committed other robberies in the county, police said.

“He's a brave kid,” Detective Greg Compton said.

Romero, who is in the sixth grade, said he is considering a career in law enforcement.

“I think I might become a police officer … Maybe if he robs again, I'll be the one catching him,” he said.

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