Bullard area residents Dr. Richard and Theresa Hackney have circulated a petition requesting assistance from Cherokee County commissioners with regards to CR 3504.

The petition calls for no parking signs along the Lake Palestine area of CR 3504, to ensure safe passage, a rail installed along the same portion of roadway on the lake side, and the completion of a ditch along the residential side of the road.

The reason the Hackneys believe a petition necessary is due to the delay in the completion of a culvert, which would allow for water drainage from the ditch, and their concern about possible accidents from the narrowed space caused by cars parked along the street.

“We are not through working on [the culvert]. We went up there to clean it out, trying to keep the water away from the new entrance that was put up,” said Patrick Reagan, Precinct 3 Commissioner. “The culvert’s too high. You’ll have to dig out the concrete driveway, dig the culvert out, ditch it to where you get the culvert low enough, then refill it and then he’s going to have to put concrete back on it.”

Reagan acknowledges it has been months since work on the culvert and ditch first began, but states they haven’t gotten back over to address it due to projects, which were delayed due to weather, that took precedence.

“There are 237 miles of roadway in Precinct 3. We have to mow the right-of-way, maintain it, pothole, resurface roads, boom-axe, do all that on 237 miles of it. I do the best I can as far as managing where we’re going and what we’re doing next, and I try to put it on priorities,” Reagan said.

Reagan also addressed the residents’ desire to have a rail put up.

“As far as me making the decision to do it, I’d feel better with him coming with a petition to get it done because of a liability situation,” Reagan said.

He also questioned whether a rail on the side near the lake wouldn’t encourage parking on the side of the road where residences are located, making passage even more difficult.

Hackney believed if the area designated for parking and lake access were in usable condition, there would not be as much parking along the road. However, the access ramp is currently inaccessible due to a washed out space between the ramp and the lot. The lot is also the responsibility of the Palestine Lake Authority, not Cherokee County commissioners.

The petition which had been circulated garnered about 25 signatures in early October, at which time Hackney had originally intended to present it to commissioners. As commissioners were dealing with the issue of redistricting at that time, Hackney agreed to postpone his request to be placed on the agenda. He now reports he is requesting placement on the next agenda to present the petition and the residents’ concerns.

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