Patriotic Pathway

“Patriotic Pathway” has been added to our Buckner Park.  Saturday, a crowd gathered at Buckner Park for the re-dedication of two memorial plaques and the planting of two crepe myrtle trees.  This was initiated by Patsy Dawson, “Flag Lady.”  She has been teaching patriotism for years in our local schools.

SShe is a great passionate patriot!  These plaques have found their final resting place in honor of  her lost family members and to all Veterans. Go by and see the “Patriot Pathway” which will soon have a flag to help mark the area.

Thanks for the interest and help from the City Parks, Deborah Burkett  and Jacksonville Garden Club in helping Ms. Dawson complete her “mission” for herself and to share with our community.

Anyone interested in honoring our troops and/or veterans in this way, call 903-589-1353. 

Let’s all support our troops and/or veterans!

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